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The Story of flutter-butter

Best in the Business

Working in the lash industry since 2009, I have used almost all of the gel pads and tape on the market and I kept running into the same problems. Many clients were sensitive to the pads and would tear-up, which caused the gel pads to swell, causing further discomfort and application issues. Tape was not a viable option either as it is too rough for the delicate skin underneath the eye, and its sharp edges may slice the eye itself. So, I worked for many years on finding the solution to safely, comfortably and expertly applying lashes without relying on the sub-par products that are on the market now. And, here it is . . . our LASH PAD DREAM!

Our LASH PAD DREAM has been developed with the satisfaction of the customer and superior ease of use in mind. We guarantee your clients will be as happy you will be using our LASH PAD DREAM. If you do have any issues or concerns, please email me, and we can set up a Zoom meeting to discuss anything you’d like to. I would love to hear your feedback and meet all my fellow girl and guy lash artists! I hope you are as excited about this new product as we are because I know that once you have tried it, you will be!

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